Time Lapse

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Time Lapse

Time Lapse

There’s something magical about watching a time-lapse film whether a year-long demolition and construction project or a full day from sunrise to sunset.

It’s a fun and visually mesmerising way of cutting a long story short.

At Atlas AV, time-lapse film production forms part of our suite of services and is becoming increasingly popular within the museums and heritage sector particularly where extensive building renovation has taken place.

We provide fully managed time-lapse filming in any location for any duration from a few hours to several years. And just as the films capture the whole story from start to finish, so does the service we provide. Our experienced engineers and photographers will sort the best camera locations, deal with any planning and security issues, project manage the installation then capture and produce broadcast-quality HD footage delivered in any format to suit any media.

Such is the depth of experience of our film production team that we can also produce documentary and interview based footage for a project which when intercut with time-lapse material enhances the finished product enormously.

Time-lapse films are a great marketing and educational tool and at Atlas AV pricing is upfront and transparent, with no hidden extras. There’s simply a beginning, a middle and an end. Talk to us about what end result you’d like to achieve.

We also provide a full film and video production service

Atlas AV were asked to produce a long term time-lapse solution at the drop of a hat and made a potentially complicated process feel like a walk in the park…

Craig Hatto, Project Director – Llanelly House