Bespoke AV Solutions

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Bespoke AV Solutions

Bespoke AV Solutions

Technical expertise underpins what we do at Atlas AV but we can create and innovate too. We work with some exceptional clients many of whom lead the field in the design of inspirational exhibitions and visitor attractions.

Our role is to interpret their vision, making sure what we deliver sits practically within the confines and context of its setting, is within budget, and above all, robust. Long term durability with minimal maintenance and cost is a must.

The team has worked all over the world, inviting visitors to paint their own dinosaur, take a simulated journey around Oxford’s past and present, and answer the phone in Dowding’s war room during the Battle of Britain.

Ours is a bespoke solution to audio visual and video projects that have often never been seen before and that push the boundaries when it comes to the visitor experience. We combine radical ideas with cutting edge technology to achieve individual client objectives whether a one-off installation or an international rollout.

From multiple screens, handsets, HD media players and projectors, to sliding touch screens and rotating globes, interactive kiosks, masked lighting and digital signage, we blend physical, electronic interaction with video and audio.

At Atlas AV we have the expertise and experience to make it happen; to bring an idea to life, no matter how ground-breaking and off the wall. Please get in touch to find out more!