Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery

Atlas AV supplied all the audio visual hardware for the 200,000 items included in the museum's eclectic mix of collections

Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery

Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery

When Peterborough Museum reopened in spring 2012, following a year long programme of redevelopment, it was clear that state of the art technology was now bringing history to life for a new generation of visitors.

The Museum’s origins date back to Georgian times and although it
had long been one of the city’s most popular attractions, the £3
million investment is set to build on the tens of thousands of visitors
it receives each year.

The improvements, jointly funded by Peterborough City Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund and Vivacity (a not-for-profit organisation that runs the city’s leisure and cultural facilities on behalf of its council), have been met with wide acclaim.

Haley Sharpe Design, an award-winning team of exhibition designers, needed a hardware supplier to deliver solutions that would help tell the story of each exhibit and so it selected Atlas AV.

Atlas AV supplied all of the audio visual hardware for the 200,000 items included in the museum’s eclectic mix of collections.

Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery

It provided a variety of items including simple solid state media players housed within picture frame style wall mounts with LCD screens, and a mini cinema within the exhibition space that is particularly popular with visitors.

There are audio selection panels through to a number of bespoke kiosks with purpose built internal equipment for high end interactive visuals that delight audiences, as well as small lighting shows within display cabinets.

The centre piece of Atlas AV’s provision is an interactive table which has a clever integrated solution within bespoke housing created by Realm Projects. Comprising four LCD screens sittng beneath individual glass touch surfaces, the effect is seamless and aesthetically pleasing with the AV-loaded table looking much like an ordinary table.

The automatic shut down and start up of all equipment at opening and closing times is one of the key features helping to save museum staff time and input.

The appeal of the galleries has been enhanced by the impressive audio visual effects and the museum has proved that by looking forward, visitors can enjoy looking back.