National Museum of Scotland

A £46m initiative is transforming the magnificent Victorian part of the National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland’s newly-refurbished Victorian building is open.

The initial impact on entering the newly-refurbished Museum on Chambers street is an overwhelming WOW! The three-year programme costing £47M has seen the original interior restored and storage areas turned into public space, making it one of the UK’s largest museums.

Working with Scottish architect Gareth Hoskins, and exhibition designer Ralph Appelbaum, National Museums Scotland has also restored Victorian architecture and created sixteen new galleries. They take visitors on a journey through the wonders of nature, the cultures of the world and through to science and discovery. All of which is creatively enhanced with a stunning array of Audio Visual (AV) solutions supplied by Atlas AV. Through Beck Interiors, the appointed fit-out contractors, Atlas AV have provided the AV solutions that perform within the unique environment.

National Museum of Scotland

The AV elements report back to a central AV control room that provides maximum versatility and durability for the hardware. This will extend the life of the equipment and ensure maximum return on investment. This bespoke provision by Atlas AV is based on the unique needs of the museum, Atlas AV have listened carefully, delivered the solution and will continue to support it.

The behind the scenes innovation is only superseded by what the visitors see within the exhibition space. The end result is nothing short of perfection with a glowing blend of stunning graphics, life-like models, historic artefacts and AV equipment to match.

In “Animals in Action” you can see a life-sized skeleton cast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and specimens collected by Charles Darwin which are complemented by 3 enormous projection screens that really bring the area to life. Overall over 1000 pieces of AV equipment have been installed by Atlas AV doing justice to one the UK’s best known Museums.

The work of Atlas AV was crucial to the phenomenal success of the re-opening of the National Museum of Scotland. Their staff worked with enthusiasm, expertise and care to ensure that the AV hardware supported the film and interactive installations and showed the content to its absolute best. I’m sure the 500,000 visitors who passed through the doors in the first six weeks would agree!!

Lyndsey Clark, Interactive Displays Manager, National Museums Scotland.