Bentley Priory Battle of Britain Museum

WINNER of Europe's most prestigious AV award, the Consumer installation of the year.

Bentley Priory Battle of Britain Museum

Bentley Priory Battle of Britain Museum

The Bentley Priory Museum, located in the former headquarters of Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain of 1940, was formally opened by TRH The Prince of Wales, Patron, The Bentley Priory Battle of Britain Trust, and The Duchess of Cornwall. 

Atlas AV worked with the designers and the client to create a unique Audio Visual Experience that offers visitors an intuitive insight into the building’s heritage and its wartime operations using cleverly integrated leading edge technology.

The restoration incorporates bespoke interactive touch screen kiosks built into the grand interior and retrofitted learning resources including rotator dial telephones, handsets and monitors. The newly recreated ‘Filter Room’, an exact replica of the wartime operations room, is brought to the present day with carefully positioned audio visual technology optimising the visitors’ experience.

Bentley Priory Battle of Britain Museum

The Dowding Room

The beautifully produced show highlights the trials, tribulations and triumphs of 1st Baron Dowding and his reign as the commander of RAF Fighter Command. The pre-show title brief is projected onto a semi transparent gauze that opens out to a multi projection film. The full, high resolution image wraps itself around the inner walls and ceiling in Dowding’s original office to produce a one-off visual show experience.

The nostalgic presence of Dowding is brilliantly enhanced by show control technology allowing original features of the office to ‘come alive’ with scene control of the house lights and an automatic door. Shadows and reflections created using projection masking techniques together with footstep effects transmitted from wireless surround sound speakers, hauntingly animates the vital work of the secret Dowding System during the Battle of Britain.

With the gauze still featuring subtle visuals including maps and subtitles, the show becomes fully immersive with three dimensional textures.

Thank you for all your assistance in bringing the project to fruition, especially through the drip-feed procurement process. It seems to me that no person in the audio-visual industry ever reaches the top of their profession until they have been locked in a tight space
pressing buttons for royalty on the opposite side of the wall. Congratulations on delivering both the royal presentation and those to the public. For my own part it was a pleasure to work with you and be part of the production process. With best wishes for the future

Neal Potter Design Associates