1001 Inventions Abu Dhabi

2 Million and counting! Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates opens 1001 inventions

“LOOK OUT BELOW!” is the cry as Abbas Ibn Firnas yells out to Sir Ben Kingsley’s character in the award-winning 1001 Inventions Library of Secrets introductory film. With it, 200 more journeys through the Islamic Golden Age begin at 1001 Inventions, adding to the 2 million plus visitors already through. This time, the exhibition takes centre stage at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival in the UAE. Atlas AV has worked extensively with Beck Interiors and the 1001’s designers to provide the entire high quality AV platform.

The 200 seat auditorium with 7.1 surround sound system introduces an array of traditional equipment including 40” touch screens, handsets, HD media players and ultra short throw projectors. These are combined with bespoke elements such as sliding touchscreens and rotating globes, blending physical and electronic interaction with stunning effect. Atlas AV’s installation has also taken into account the day-to-day running of the exhibition providing easy control features and maintenance.

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