Projects in Saudi Arabia

Atlas AV competed two projects in Saudi Arabia during June 2012

1001 Inventions

The 1001 Inventions Blockbuster Exhibition opened in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, on the 20 June 2012 as an anchor attraction at the Saudi Aramco Cultural Program (SACP). Atlas AV attended site and installed all AV aspects. These included a 200 seat cinema bespoke interactive touch screens and motions sensing interactive.

The international award-winning show will welcome visitors to its latest installation at the Aramco Cultural Park in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, until the 18th of July 2012.

In addition at the same festival Atlas AV supplied Mishkat’s  tomorrows world exhibition at the Saudi Aramco Summer Festival at the Aramco Cultural Park in Dharan, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia : 2050

Saudi Arabia: 2050 gives an inspiring look into our futures, encouraging visitors to imagine and create innovations that will power tomorrow’s world. The exhibition included 8 Microsoft Surface interactive tables with bespoke adjustments making them ideal for achieving the exhibition objectives. There are “totem pole” video walls detailing real time designs created by the visitors. Transparent LCD screen technology was utilised with bespoke interactives click on the video below to see the results.