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AV Installation & PM

The design and installation of audio visual systems should be straightforward, right? It’s simply a case of specifying the right equipment, programming the software and managing the installation to an agreed timeline and budget.

Not so in the world of museums and heritage attractions.

This specialist sector throws up a unique set of issues and obstacles mostly associated with the age and restrictions of the buildings. And it takes a unique set of people to cope with the old and sometimes quirky architecture of heritage buildings, from delicate materials to oddly-shaped rooms, all of which can restrict the use of cable runs and make mounting equipment extremely difficult.

At Atlas AV our teams of AV Engineers and Project Managers love a challenge. With a readiness to deal with pretty much anything coupled with industry relevant experience, they think outside the box to create a fool proof infrastructure and deliver seamless installations time and time again.
Please give us a call to discuss the options for your AV project.

Atlas AV- AV Awards consumer installation of the year winner

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